Ella Lee in To Catch a Hummingbird

Ella Lee in To Catch a Hummingbird

Ella Lee is the sweetest little girl and she loves animals. She loves to hold them, pet them, touch them…and sometimes squeeze them. So, when she sees a hummingbird, she really wants to touch it, but she must catch it first. And so begins her adventure where Ella encounters many wonderful animals on land and in the sea. She is curious and speaks plainly, making creative observations about all the animals she meets with a humor that will be enjoyed by both adults and children alike!

So, come along with Ella Lee on an adventure to catch a hummingbird!

Ella Lee in To Catch a Hummingbird is Michael Pekala’s first children’s book. He wrote, illustrated and designed the book. It is 28 pages long and can be enjoyed as a book that parents read to their kids, or by school aged children looking for a fun and humorous adventure featuring a variety of beautifully illustrated animals. All of the illustrations in this book are acrylic paint on stretched upholstery fabric.

To learn more about the creation of this book, check out Michael’s blog post.

Update 12/1/2021: I have just learned that Ella Lee received an Honorable Mention Royal Dragonfly Book Award for Children’s Picture Books, ages 6 and up!

Here is the first page of Ella Lee as read by Ella Lee. Enjoy:

The limited print run, first edition of “Ella Lee” is available in-store at the following locations:

Rhode Island:

Barrington Books, Barrington RI

Stillwater Books, Pawtucket, RI


Romantic Jewelers, Adamstown, PA

The limited print run, first edition of “Ella Lee” is available at these on-line stores:


Amazon.com (e-book versions also available)