Posing Great Egret

Posing Great Egret – My latest painting is “Posing Great Egret”. Amazing feathers to paint in this one. It is painted on stretched upholstery fabric and measures 16″x24″. The painting is framed in a handmade poplar frame that is painted a dark walnut – it measures 18″x26″x2″ deep. It is wired and ready to hang.

A little fun tidbit from allaboutbirds.org: The pristinely white Great Egret gets even more dressed up for the breeding season. A patch of skin on its face turns neon green, and long plumes grow from its back. Called aigrettes, those plumes were the bane of egrets in the late nineteenth century, when such adornments were prized for ladies’ hats.

The original painting is available on Etsy, here.

Prints are available on Etsy, here.