The Raven

Jamie Wyeth’s “The Raven” – A few months back, I went home to my hometown and visited The Brandywine Museum of Art to see the works of the Wyeth family. 3 generations of amazing artists all housed in one museum – it was awesome. The original Raven is there and at 72″ x 60″ – it is massive. It definitely makes the viewer feel as though they’re the prey.

A local gallery was having a Fakes and Forgeries exhibit and I thought it would be a really fun exercise to try and capture Wyeth’s Raven in my signature “fabric” style. Though nowhere near the master painter that Wyeth is, I was very happy with how the fabric infuses a certain havoc into the piece. Plus I love the way that the pattern crowns the raven.

My piece measures 14″ x 12″ and it is acrylic paint on stretched upholstery fabric. Images above show the painting, the painting in it’s homemade and hand-painted frame as well as Wyeth’s original.