The Hummingbird Catcher

The Hummingbird Catcher – 11″x14″, acrylics on stretched upholstery fabric.

This is a painting of my daughter. Her birthday is later this month, and like any parent, I hope that she is able to chase down and “catch” all of her dreams – haha.

I rarely do any figurative paintings. Why? I’m not sure. She’s only the third after her brother and her mommy. So she’s joining some good company. She is the first figurative painting I’ve done on upholstery fabric. I found this giant floral at Loraines Fabrics, which worked perfect.

I wrote and assembled what would be “Ella Lee in to Catch a Hummingbird” a year ago already. It actually went off to print a year ago this week. I do wish this illustration was in it – and there may very well be a 2nd printing (I would love to do hardback), but in the meantime, I was able to update the e-book version to include her, which is now available on Amazon.…/dp/B091NGR8L6/