Brant Point (Twi)Light

Brant Point (Twi)Light – A lighthouse that I liked so much, I decided to paint it twice! This time though, it’s heavily in sunset, with a heavy gold and yellow palette. Painted on an upholstery fabric with a flowing pattern, the sky almost feels as though it’s full of waves of exalted light. There is also a gold sheen in the edges of the fabric pattern in the sky that isn’t captured in the photo, but glows when seen.

It’s so tough to find time to paint right now, so this one was painted 15 minutes here, 35 minutes there over the last month. It’s 6:10am and I have 30 minutes before the kids storm my office and demand breakfast? Sure – let’s paint! At the very least, this unceasing need to be painting is alleviated. For a little while.

The painting measures 8″x14″ on stretched upholstery fabric.

The original painting has sold, but you can purchase an 8″x10″ print, matted to 11″x14″ on my Etsy store here.